EECS 551                   INTRODUCTORY HANDOUT                     Fall 1997
                        Deterministic Signal Processing
                   Wavelets and Time-Frequency Distributions

LECTURES: Tues., Thur. 10:10 AM-11:30 AM, 1003 EECS
INSTRUCTOR: Professor Andrew E. Yagle, 4114 EECS, 763-9810
Office Hours: Tues. 2:00-4:00 PM (tentative)

Check this for links to Matlab, problem sets, coming attractions.

                               REQUIRED TEXTBOOK:
M. Vetterli and J. Kovacevic, "Wavelets and Subband Coding," 1995.
COURSE NOTES will be handed out in class (see below).

                                 PROBLEM SETS:
Problem sets will be ASSIGNED weekly, and solutions distributed 1 week later.
Students may consult with each other, but every student must turn in own work.
Problem sets are DUE Thursdays IN CLASS and will require some use of MATLAB.
There is a STRONG correlation between problem sets and exam performance.

Two 2-hour EVENING exams during 3rd weeks of October and November (roughly).
Dates determined by in-class vote (most convenient for the class as a whole). 
One two-hour FINAL EXAM.  All exams will be open book, notes, etc.

GRADING: Each exam counts 30% of the final grade. Problem sets count 10% total.


Finest           coarser             coarser
scale            scale               scale

wavelets--------lecture--------------course notes
        \             \
      textbook        lecture in class

Course notes (coarse notes) given out in class provide an overview
Lectures and textbook fill in details. YOUR lecture notes confined to details.
Multiresolution presentation allows you to see quickly the most significant
concepts and how ideas in the course relate to each other.

Welcome aboard! ``This is definitely an `E' ticket''-Sally Ride.