EECS 551 Coming Attractions

        TUESDAY                           THURSDAY
Sep 4   No class                          Introduction, DTFT

09,11   Upsampling and downsampling       Multirate signal processing

16,18   Subband coding                    Lossless QMF filter design

23,25   Basis function expansions I       Basis function expansions II 

30, 2   Subband coding=wavelet xform      Cont-time multiresolution analysis

07, 9   Cont-time wavelet basis funcs     Cont-time Haar and Littlewood-Paley
        design by iterating 2-scale eqn   and Daubechies wavelet bases

14,16   Splines                           Battle-Lemarie wavelet basis

21,23   Details of degree-1 BL wavelet    Go over exam, BL wavelet

28,30   NO CLASS                          Overview of various wavelet bases
                                          Mallat's fast wavelet algorithm