EECS 210_________________________PROBLEM SET #9________________________Winter 2001

ASSIGNED: March 23, 2001. Read: Chapter 10 of text and Chapter 5 of Additional Course Notes.
DUE DATE: March 30, 2001. In Lab Book: Read Unit #6 and Lab Lecture #6, especially Bode plots.
    THIS WEEK: Power in the sinusoidal steady-state and simple Bode magnitude plots.
  1. Text #10.13. Here you need to compute maximum and minimum instantaneous powers.
    This is easiest to do in the time domain using equation (10.7). Note R and C are in parallel.
  2. Text #10.15. Here you confirm that average, reactive and apparent powers are all conserved.
  3. Text #10.24. Power factor correction using a capacitor in parallel. Answer to (e): 8.93%!
  4. Text #10.28. Power factor correction (small appliances?). Hook capacitor in parallel to load.
  5. You will find the speaker crossover circuit shown below inside your stereo speakers at home.
    Show that the load always looks like 4 Ohms, independent of frequency. HINT: Let x=w/2000.
    This maintains maximum power transfer, so different freqs do not have different efficiencies.
    Q: Why does Washington DC have politicians, while New Jersey has chemical waste?
    A: New Jersey had first choice between the two.