EECS 210_________________________PROBLEM SET #8________________________Winter 2001

ASSIGNED: March 16, 2001. Read: Sects. 9.6-9.12 (skip Sect. 9.10) of text. Start Chap. 10 (power).
DUE DATE: March 23, 2001. In Lab Book: Read Unit #5, Lab Lecture #5 and Lab Experiment #5.
    THIS WEEK: Phasor analysis of linear circuits in the sinusoidal steady-state.
  1. Text #9.10. Simple phasor circuit. Note the inductor and capacitor impedances partially cancel.
  2. Text #9.16. The admittance "seen" by the (source+150 Ohms) should be purely real (why?).
  3. Text #9.17. What impedance should be "seen" by the source? Watch the "sin" and "mA" in io.
    You will get a quadratic equation for frequency, but only one root will be positive.
  4. Text #9.19. Just combining in series and parallel, but now using impedances and admittances.
  5. Text #9.26. Compare to #9.25: note equating admittances instead of impedances makes easier.
  6. Text #9.31. Voltage divider using impedances and phasors. Watch signs: phase is NOT zero.
  7. Text #9.37. Thevenin equivalent using impedances and phasors. VTH=350+j0; RTH=100(1+j).
  8. Text #9.49. 1 Node eqn. using impedances and phasors. Watch the "sin" in vg2. Vo=12+j0.
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