1.Fourier series1st week Using sinusoids to represent a signal If can handle sinusoids, can handle anything
2.Transfer functions1st week Effect on sinusoids of linear system To describe effect of circuits, filters, systems
3.Circuit analysis I2nd-3rd weeks KVL, KCL, Ohm's law, basic sources Basics of EE, as free body diagrams to ME
4.Circuit analysis II3rd-4th weeks Node and mesh, Thevenin/Norton Simplify circuit analysis and to model sources
5.Op-amps5th week "Golden rules" for the ideal op-amp Op-amps useful for real world
6.Inductors & Capacitors6th week Effects of these two devices on sinusoids Need them to design filters
7.Complex numbers7th week Magnitude, phase, polar & rectangular Phase relations between input output sinusoids
8.Phasors8th week Complex numbers to represent sinusoid Much easier to use sinusoids
9.Impedance, admittance9th week Complex number rep. of R,L,C #9,8: use #6,5 and apply #4,3 to analyze #2
10.Filtering11th week Apply transfer functions to a desired task Reduce noise, preemphasis, equalization
11.Complex power12th week Usual and reactive Analyze power dissipation in AC
12.Bode plotswhole course Plot gain and phase of transfer function Log-log plots are easy to interpret