Welcome to my research main page

I am at my first year of PhD studies in Computer Science and Engineering, at University of Michigan. I am affiliated with the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory, and The Center for Future Architectures Research (C-FAR) . I am advised by Prof. Valeria Bertacco. I am working in the area of computer hardware/software solution for maintaing the exponetial growth of computer technology in face of complexity in the hardware and software system.

I was working on a verilog implementation of decentrilized architecture inspired by previous works called Viper and Cobra. The implementation is in its final stage and will be used to model the energy efficience of decentrilized and distributed architectures.

Recently,I am starting working on architectural solutions to big data application. The amount of data in the internet is exponetially growing and will continue to do so for the forceable years. As a result, it is important to come up with a solution from the ground up to support the processing demand of such massive data. On one side the traditional homogenous chip multiprocessors (CMPs) are failing to provide solution interms of performance and power and on the other hand heterogenous system design is in its infant stage with many challenges. The research in this direction is to design a heterogenous system capable of improving different quality of service including perfomance, power, relability and security of big data application.