Travis Martin defends dissertation

Congrats to Travis Martin, for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on Monday (13 June). Travis’s thesis comprises four studies in network science, and was co-advised (actually predominantly advised) by Mark Newman.  The title: Theoretical tools for network analysis: Game theory, graph centrality, and statistical inference

Elaine Wah defends dissertation

Elaine Wah successfully defended her thesis on Thursday 10 March.  The dissertation is titled Computational Models of Algorithmic Trading in Financial Markets and includes three case studies of simulation-based strategic modeling of financial market scenarios. Congratulations, Elaine.

Elaine’s talk at the Financial Stability Conference last Wednesday

UM student Elaine Wah on high-frequency trading and frequent call markets: #FinReg — Michigan CFLP (@UMFinReg) October 21, 2015

Bryce Wiedenbeck defends dissertation

Bryce Wiedenbeck successfully defended his thesis on Monday 1 June.  The dissertation is titled Approximate Analysis of Large Simulation-Based Games and includes several new techniques that enable simulation-based game modeling methods to scale in the number of players, among other contributions. Congratulations, Bryce.

Bartley Tablante defends dissertation

Bartley Tablante successfully defended his PhD dissertation in the Dept of Economics yesterday.  The dissertation, titled “Learning and Beliefs in Non-Centralized Markets”, comprises three papers: two focused on conditions for learning through distributed trade, and one on “Equilibria in a Market with a Front Runner”. Congratulations, Bartley.

Best Student Paper Award at AAMAS: Elaine Wah

The “Pragnesh Jay Modi Best Student Paper Award” at AAMAS-15 was awarded to Elaine Wah, for: Welfare Effects of Market Making in Continuous Double Auctions  

Elaine Wah Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship

Read about it here. This will support Elaine’s final year of PhD study, and adds to her long list of accolades.  Congratulations!

Bryce Wiedenbeck wins CSE Grad Honors Competition

first place! This is the annual competition featuring research presentations by advanced CSE PhD students. details here

Ben Cassell defends dissertation

Ben-Alexander Cassell successfully defended his thesis today.  Ben’s dissertation, entitled Scaling Empirical Game-Theoretic Analysis, reports several practical advances in EGTA technology, methodology, and application. Congratulations, Ben.

Bartley Tablante defends thesis proposal

Congratulations, Bartley. It’s been a while since I’ve been on an Econ thesis committee.  A very interesting discussion, with Bartley and my fellow committee members Tilman Borgers, David Miller, and Stephan Lauermann.

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