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Quang Duong Defends Dissertation

Quang Duong successfully defended his thesis on 20 July.  Quang’s dissertation, entitled Graphical Multiagent Models, demonstrates how to exploit the flexibility and power of probabilistic graphical models for representing and reasoning about multiagent behavior. Quang has presented work reported in this thesis at UAI, AAMAS, IJCAI, SocialCom, and other venues. Congratulations, Quang (soon to be […]


The 2010 AAAI Conference was held last week in Atlanta.  SRG presented one paper there: Algorithms for Finding Approximate Formations in Games (PR Jordan & MPW) The conference also featured papers co-authored by several SRG alumni Automated Channel Abstraction for Advertising Auctions (WE Walsh) Decomposed Utility Functions and Graphical Models for Reasoning about Preferences (Y […]