Hun-Seok Kim

Assistant Professor

Hun-Seok Kim

Assistant Professor

Hun-Seok Kim

Hun-Seok Kim

Assistant Professor

University of Michigan
EECS Department
Electrical & Computer Engineering
EECS 2417G
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Tel: (734) 764-7630


[Univ. of Michigan students:] Undergraduate and graduate student researcher positions are available.Please contact me to apply if you havestrong background / interests in one or more areas specified below.

  • Digital communication systems
  • Signal processing
  • VLSI system architecture and digital circuits
  • Embedded systems

[Non U of M students:] Apply through the official EECS graduate program here.

Applicants with an interest in my research are encouraged to mention it in the application (Statement of Purpose / faculty interest section). 

Research Interests

  • Theory, System, Algorithm and Hardware Architecture for Digital Communication, Signal Processing, and Embedded Systems
  • IoT; 5G MIMO-OFDM; High performance wireless communication systems; Ultra-low power wireless communication systems;
  • Software-Defined Radio; Computer Vision; Image Processing; Machine Learning; Software-Defined Networking;
  • Integrated Circuits and VLSI architecture for Ultra-Low Power / Ultra High Performance Systems

Research Funding / Grants (PI / Co-PI fundings only)

  • Principal Investigator, NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Research , “Decimeter Accurate, Long Range Non-Line-of-Sight RF Localization Solution for Public Safety Applications”
  • Principal Investigator, Samsung Global Research Outreach, “Energy-Optimized Wireless Communication for Power-Constrained Millimeter-Scale IoT Platforms”
  • Co-Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation ECCS #1507192, “Back-Channel Communication Embedded in Standard Compliant Wireless Packets”.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, DARPA BAA-15-14, “Near Zero-Power, Continuous Acoustic Sensing Microsystem using Active Integrated Circuits and Digital Signal Processing”.
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Intel, “Ultra-Low Power Versatile Wireless Communication Solutions for IoT”.

On-Going Projects

Ultra low-power, non-line-of-sight RF localization for energy-autonomous wireless sensor nodes


Low-power computer vision and machine learning hardware accelerators for mobile platforms


Ultra-low power near-field / far-field wireless communication for millimeter-scale sensor nodes


Ultra-low power WiFi / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) back-channel communication systems


Low power, software defined radio architecture for IoT communications


Ultra-low power machine learning deep neural network systems for event detection and classification