Brian Gilchrist


Brian Gilchrist


Brian Gilchrist

Professor (also Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering; Applied Physics)

Director, SPRL/XTRM Labs

Faculty Co-Director, Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP)

University of Michigan
EECS Department
Electrical & Computer Engineering
1301 Beal Ave., 2240 EECS
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Tel: 734 763-6230
Fax: 734 647-2106

Short Bio


Founding Director, Multidisciplinary Design Programs at the University of Michigan’s College of
Engineering. In this role, he is working with a core team of committed faculty and staff to create an
educational structure for significant, multidisciplinary design opportunities that engage students in
real-world professional practice centered on design-build-test project activities. This initiative is part
of an evolving vision for 21st Century engineering education at Michigan.


Interim Chair, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Michigan (Interim Chair
for Electrical and Computer Engineering in EECS, 2007-2008) (Associate Chair of the Electrical and
Computer Engineering Division, 7/2004 – 6/2006). Under his leadership, the Department engaged
in a major review of its organizational structure leading to new a leadership model for the
Department and for its ECE and CSE Divisions which was then implemented during his tenure.


Professor (Associate, 5/1997-5/2003; Assistant, 9/1991-5/1997) at The University of Michigan in
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Radiation Laboratory) and the Atmospheric, Oceanic
and Space Sciences Department (Space Physics Research Laboratory). Responsibilities include
undergraduate and graduate education and research. His instructional emphasis is in the areas of
electromagnetics, plasma electrodynamics, radiowave link design, systems design, and spacecraft


Deputy Investigator (from 1991) and Program Manager (from 1990) for SETS. Responsibilities
included: a) development and coordination of mission planning inputs to achieve SETS/TSS-1
science goals; b) science experiment design; c) overall management of SETS contractual
responsibilities including flight hardware and mission support operations; and d) all decisions
reflecting SETS relations with NASA and other TSS-1 teams. e) Led development of functional
objectives to meet SETS science requirements for TSS-1 mission and their coordination with
mission personnel. (1989-1990: Deputy Program Manager SETS)


Graduate Research Assistant-Research was divided into two areas: a) investigations of
electrodynamic effects due to electron beam and neutral gas emissions into a space plasma; and, b)
radar and theoretical investigations of energetic electron beam generated artificial plasma density
structures in the ionosphere using rockets and spacecraft including modeling of relativistic electron
beam penetration into the atmosphere. Advisor: Professor Peter M. Banks


Watkins-Johnson Company-Held both technical and supervisory positions associated with
microwave integrated circuit and subsystem design for radar and ecm applications. Research
activities included: phased array radar, low-noise amplifiers, phase-shifters, and microwave sample-
and-hold circuits.


Graduate Research Assistant in the University of Illinois Aeronomy Laboratory Rocket Program-
Implemented a nighttime ionospheric electron density measurement experiment based on Faraday
rotation, using a ground based HF transmitter and a rocket borne receiver. Advisor: Professor
Leslie G. Smith